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Thunderbolt SL Fat Tire eBike

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Designed to go anywhere, ride everywhere, and do it all with ease. Thunderbolt SL provides all of the trail manners that Fat Bikes are known for, while seamlessly accommodating Demons Turbo Technology. Its lightweight aluminum alloy frame and advanced MOZO suspension makes this modern fat bike agile, and versatile. Paired with Bafangs 500W Motor and Samsungs 48V / 16.75AH battery, Thunderbolt SL will allow you to ride hard on the trails without worrying about recharging for up to 60 km/ 37 mi.

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    Experience the unbeatable strength and durability of the Thunderbolt SL's Aluminum Alloy Frame, a core feature that sets this electric bike apart. Specially designed for all seasons, from the sunny days of summer to the frosty chill of winter, our frame is both rust and corrosion-resistant, ensuring your e-bike remains in top condition year-round. This lightweight yet heavy-duty frame is built to last, offering resilience and reliability whether you're riding a fat tire ebike on rugged trails or cruising the city streets on an electric commuter bike. It's the perfect foundation for any electric bike adventure, providing stability and support for every rider. With the Thunderbolt SL, you get more than just an electric bike; you get a fat tire bike that's ready for anything, making every ride a memorable one.


    Discover the power of the Thunderbolt SL's 500W Bafang Motor, a key feature that elevates this electric fat-tire bike to the forefront of eBike innovation. This industry-leading motor is the heart of our electric bike, providing all the strength needed to zip you to your destinations, whether you're on a fun adventure or a daily commute. Bafang's rear-mounted, brushless motor is known for its efficiency and speed, making every ride on your fat tire ebike exhilarating. It's the boost that turns your regular journeys into exciting experiences, ensuring that your electric fat-tire bike isn't just a ride, but an adventure on wheels. Perfect for everyone who loves e-bikes, the Thunderbolt SL combines the joy of cycling with the thrill of electric power!


    The Thunderbolt SL's removable 16.75Ah Samsung Lithium-Ion battery is a true game-changer in the world of electric bikes, especially for electric fat tire bikes. This battery, designed with Samsung's renowned quality, ensures long-lasting performance, making it a perfect fit for your adventurous eBike journeys. Its user-friendly design allows for easy removal and charging, offering the flexibility to power up wherever you are. Whether you're riding a fat tire ebike through rugged trails or cruising around the city on your electric bike, this battery can take you up to 60 km without needing a recharge. It means more time exploring and less time worrying about power.


    Embrace the power of simplicity with the Demon's E-bike control hub, an integral part of the Thunderbolt SL, your go-to electric fat-tire bike. This full-colour LCD display is the heart of your e-bike experience, designed to be user-friendly and easy to understand. Whether you're riding an electric bike, a fat-tire ebike, or specifically the Thunderbolt SL, this display provides clear information about your ride. You can easily see your speed in km, check how long your trip has been, and more. It's like having a smart assistant for your electric fat-tire bike, making every journey on your e-bike more enjoyable and under your control.


    Our riders get the best in e-bike technology with the Thunderbolt SL, featuring a top-of-the-line Shimano Drivetrain. Shimano, a brand renowned since 1920, brings over a century of trusted excellence to this electric bike. Designed for the modern rider, the Shimano Drivetrain on the Thunderbolt SL ensures a smooth and effortless transition, perfect for handling the robust demands of an electric fat-tire bike. Whether you're cruising city streets or exploring rugged trails, this fat-tire ebike offers unparalleled reliability. Its lightweight design is ideal for everyday use, making shifting gears seamless even under heavy loads.


    Tektro, renowned for blending human precision with advanced automated technology, ensures that these brakes are crafted with exceptional quality control. This means whether you're riding your electric fat-tire bike on rugged trails or cruising the city streets on your fat tire ebike, you can trust in the reliability and effectiveness of these brakes. These brakes offer the confidence and security needed for every journey, making the Thunderbolt SL an ideal choice for anyone seeking a safe and high-performing electric bike.




    500W Rear Mounted Brushless Motor


    50 km - 60 km


    48V/16.75Ah Removable Li-ion Battery


    AC 100V-240V 2 amps


    Drive Mode

    Cadence Sensing Pedal Assist/Trigger Throttles 0-9 Levels


    Tektro (HD-E350) Hydraulic Disc Brake


    Shimano Tourney 7 Speed


    Shimano 7 Speed


    Shimano’s Tourney 7 Speed



    Aluminum Alloy

    Bike Weight

    66 lbs (29 kg)


    KMC Chain


    48T Chainring

    Weight Limit

    331 lbs


    Battery Powered Front Light, Seatpost Mounted Rear Light


    Promax Handlebars


    Kenda 26" x 4" K1151

    Min. Seat Height

    77 cm

    Motor Placement



    LCD Color Display


    Discover the Thunderbolt SL: Your Ultimate Electric Fat Tire Bike

    MOTOR: Experience the power of the Thunderbolt SL's electric bike capabilities with its rear-mounted brushless motor. Delivering a robust 500W output, this e-bike can reach top speeds of 32 km/h, perfect for both leisure rides and exhilarating adventures.

    BATTERY: The heart of this electric fat-tire bike is its impressive 48V / 16.75Ah battery. Boasting a range of 50-60 km, it's ideal for long rides without the constant worry of recharging. Plus, the battery is lockable (comes with 2 keys) and easily removable, making charging a breeze - no complicated wire disconnections needed.

    GEARS: Shifting is smooth and effortless with Shimano’s Altus 7 Speed rear derailleur, a feature that enhances the versatility of the Thunderbolt SL as both an on and off-road fat tire ebike.

    BRAKES: Safety is paramount, and with the Tektro HD-E520 hydraulic brakes, you're in good hands. This system features an open design, dual pistons, and sensor control, all housed in a forged aluminum body. These brakes ensure reliable stopping power in all conditions.

    COLOUR LCD CONTROLLER: Stay informed and in control with the 9 Speed Pedal Assist system. The LCD display provides vital information like range, trip distance in km, max and average speed, as well as trip time, keeping you fully aware of your e-bike's performance during every journey.

    MOZO SUSPENSION: Navigate bumpy terrains with ease thanks to the MOZO suspension. This spring-coiled suspension fork offers 90mm (3.5”) of travel, with load dials to adjust spring movement under pressure, enhancing the comfort of your electric bike experience.

    KENDA JUGGERNAUT FAT TIRE: The 4” wide Kenda Juggernaut tires are inspired by the championship Milville 2 tire, providing tough grip on all terrains. These long-lasting, fast-rolling tires are built for durability, making them perfect for tackling the toughest trails and ensuring your electric fat-tire bike adventure is always smooth and enjoyable.

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    So powerful

    This bike pumps out a lot more power than what I thought it would! So much faster than I was expecting!

    Emma W.

    Outstanding Choice

    An unbeatable experience.

    Ava D.

    Proud E-Bike Owner

    Stylish and dependable - a wise investment.

    Samuel C.

    Exceptional E-Bike

    It's a game-changer!

    Sophia M.

    Superior Urban Ride

    Pure joy!


    Great bike! Like the distance it goes on one charge. As long as you use the pedal assist as intended, you can go further than the 72K advertised distance. Obviously, the more the battery assist kicks in, the more power is consumed.


    The helmet fits well. It’s not noticeably heavier than my previous helmets the audio volume could be louder, but it’s probably safer this way. The lights work well. Stays charged for at least 10 hours of riding.


    Great little helmet that broadcasts your presence on the road!

    Robert Galida
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