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Nova Scotia Rebate

Save $500 on our E-Bikes, here's how

On February 24th, the Nova Scotia government announced a rebate program to promote the purchase of electric vehicles, including E-Bikes as part of its commitment to the environment and climate change. Electric bike purchases in Nova Scotia, valued at over $1,200 will receive a rebate of $500. Any electric bike purchase as of February 2021 can apply for the rebate. There's never been a better time than now to experience the joy, and convenience of riding an electric bike! Shop through our selection of E-Bikes, or fill out the form below to book a test ride with one of our Nova Scotia Demon Electric dealers.

Benefits of owning an E-Bike

Interest for Electric vehicles, especially E-Bikes has seen rapid growth in recent years. Cycling has been around for centuries, but the addition of a motor and battery pack has made biking more convenient, enjoyable, and less tiring. Understanding the benefits they deliver makes it simple to understand their growth in popularity.

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    Convenient Commuting

    With an E-Bike, you can travel farther and faster compared to a conventional bike. E-Bikes also have several advantages over a car as they're more agile, and don't require parking. Trade in your car keys for a bike helmet, and skip the heavy traffic and crowded parking lots.

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    Going electric helps to minimize environmental impact. E-Bikes are a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to a gas powered car for trips as far as 60 KM. Demon Electric E-Bikes are equipped with Samsung Lithium-Ion batteries with up to 48V ensuring our E-Bikes take you the distance.

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    Wellness & Health Benefits

    Riding an E-Bike is a great way to integrate cardio exercise into your routine. All Demon Electric E-Bikes come with pedal assist, so you can control the amount of effort required to get your bike going. You can ride an electric bike like a regular bike in pedal only mode with no electric power, if you want a more traditional cycling workout.

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