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With its sporty race design, and all terrain durability, Demons Argo(named in honour of our CFL Team) has the pep and the endurance needed to handle the toughest streets, and the meanest paths. Argo packs a punch with its sturdy, lightweight frame, and has the high quality suspension needed to make tight technical turning feel easy. A simple straightforward interface paired with a 250 W rear motor, 36V Lithium Ion Battery, and a 50 KM range makes this cost efficient E-bike impossible to ignore. Why have less when you can have Argo?  

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Great bike! Like the distance it goes on one charge. As long as you use the pedal assist as intended, you can go further than the 72K advertised distance. Obviously, the more the battery assist kicks in, the more power is consumed.


The helmet fits well. It’s not noticeably heavier than my previous helmets the audio volume could be louder, but it’s probably safer this way. The lights work well. Stays charged for at least 10 hours of riding.


Great little helmet that broadcasts your presence on the road!

Robert Galida
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