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Our Micro-Mobility Solution

RYDE provides environmentally friendly technology, shared electric bikes for municipalities, tourist destinations, cities, islands, resorts, parks, and corporations. RYDE’s team has over 30+ years’ experience in the outdoor recreation industry. We invest in superior assets and reliable products, and hire employees from the local community, rather than using third party contractors. Collaboration is the foundation of our relationships with our partners and we pride ourselves on being responsible members of the Canadian community, being a leader in micro-mobility, social issues, health and safety concerns, and transportation development initiatives nation-wide. We believe that our tailored approach highlights our commitment to designing a custom-tailored, and thoughtful solution based on our various conversations with Perth County and our research. Our goal is to provide an effective network of electric bikes in organized charging and parking locations, with abilities to expand in a cost-effective manner, rather than over-cluttering your streets with bikes like many of our competitors which provide dockless solutions. Our approach to deployment relies on transportation planning principles informed by actual usage patterns and rejects the “blitz-scaling” approach of many of our competitors.

About Us

In the past few years, in line with its objectives of being a leader in the outdoor recreation space, PDI created its own bike line through its Demon Electric and RYDE brands. During this time, Demon Electric and RYDE have been able to scale its operations quickly, backed by PDI’s strong financial position and deep relationships in sourcing quality products through its supply chain network. Our culture of innovation and technology has transferred into the micro-mobility space, where we now offer the best-in-class bike and charging station technologies in the industry. Our experienced team of engineers have developed leading-edge, sleek and contemporary designs without sacrificing integrity and durability. Our team, products, and our designs have won us notoriety as an industry leader, as highlighted by our successful and proven programs in Canada and around the world. Today, our company RYDE, an employer of over 40+ employees globally, is proud to be a leader in the Canadian micro-mobility space, working with our clients and partners across Canada. In every project, we bring our proven track record of success and experience in the tourism, recreational and outdoor space. And while the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly provided its challenges to many, we are optimistic about the future of Canada, as it has challenged us to become more innovative, promote healthier lifestyles, and build towards a more sustainable future.

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