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How to Choose Your First E-Bike

E-bikes are the future of urban transportation. They're clean, green, and quiet, so they won't disturb your neighbors or keep you from enjoying nature on the weekend. But before jumping in headfirst, there are some things you should know. In this article, we'll talk about how to choose your first e-bike so that you can get started with confidence.

Consider Your Lifestyle

If you're new to e-bikes, know that your first purchase should be an e-bike that has the features to suit your needs and lifestyle. Some features to consider are frame type, seat height that matches your height, and motor placement. There are plenty of e-bike options to choose from, there are just as many variations of e-bikes as there are bicycles so carefully consider how you want to use your e-bike before making a decision.

    Easy Assembly

    If you prefer to avoid spending hours in the garage tinkering with your bike, then go for a simple setup process and a few moving parts that can be easily maintained by yourself or a local mechanic. Compared to a regular bike, e-bikes are made with more technical components, and are much heavier due to the additional motor and battery. All technical components should be pre-built and close to fully functional when purchasing an e-bike. 

    Demon Electric e-bikes come 75% pre-built in the box, so setting up an e-bike from us takes very little effort which means you spend less time putting the bike together, and more time riding.

    Your Preferred Type of Motor

    Hub motors and mid-drive motors are the two most popular types of motors. However, hub motors, found at the rear wheel, are more commonly available. Hub motors are more popular because they are inexpensive compared to mid-drive e-bikes. Most of the power and weight of a hub motor e-bike comes from the rear, while the power and weight of a mid-drive e-bike is in the centre, this makes them more balanced. Also, mid-drive motors have a torque sensor, which automatically adjusts the power output of the motor to the pedals once it senses an increase in pedalling frequency. This means that when you're going uphill with a mid-drive e-bike, the harder you pedal, the more power the motor will produce, making pedalling uphill feel less strenuous.

    Ideal Weight

    Another factor to consider is your weight. You will need a heavier bike if you are a heavier person. You should aim for something with at least 15 kg capacity, as this allows for extra weight without compromising safety or comfort. On the other hand, if you are lighter than average and can comfortably ride a regular bike without feeling tired or out of breath after even short distances, then an e-bike with less capacity might be right for you!

    A good rule of thumb is making sure your bike has at least twice as much capacity as your body weight.

    Price Range

    Price is an important factor for when deciding on your first e-bike purchase. E-bikes are an investment, it is something you should expect to use often and own for a long time. Depending on how often you plan to use your e-bike, and what you plan to use it for, there could be a lot of potential in how much you can save compared to the initial cost of owning an e-bike.

    A good quality e-bike could cost you around $2,000, although it sounds expensive at first, compared to the cost owning a car, paying for insurance and gas, you can make this money back in a few months if you decide to use an e-bike to replace your daily driver on your shorter routes (i.e. for groceries and commute to work). You can also check your local town, city, province or state for rebates and cash incentives to help you save on the cost of owning an e-bike

    We understand that the cost of en e-bike is high, to help our customers, we offer financing through our partners Klarna and Paybright, to help break down the cost into zero to low interest payment structures click here to find out more.

    Battery Range and Power

    Your e-bike's battery is one of the more important parts to your e-bike. Understanding how far you will be taking your e-bike is important to selecting the right battery. If you're going for longer rides you will want a battery with higher voltage and Ah rating, around the 48V, 14.5 Ah range is a great place to start as this covers about 70 km of distance. A Touring E-Bike like our Phantom is designed for longer travel distances so you can travel further without the worry of running out of battery power. If you're looking for an e-bike to get you through shorter distances (i.e. 50 km or less), a 36 V, 10.4 Ah battery will serve you just fine. Consider our Argo mountain e-bike if you're looking looking for an e-bike for a shorter commute.

    If you're looking to go more than 80-100 km, a secondary battery for your e-bike would be a great idea. Most e-bikes come with a removable battery pack, so switching between batteries is very easy, this also allows you to charge the battery at any pit stop location without having to take the entire bike with you.

    Service and Maintenance

    Since e-bikes consist of more technical components compared to a regular bicycle, regular maintenance is something that needs to be considered before purchasing your first e-bike. A good tip would be to read the brand's wrranty service and commitment carefully, this will help you understand the brand's policy if you run into any problems with your e-bike purchase.

    If it's your first time shopping for an e-bike, look for an e-bike with components that have a trusted name, such as a Bafang, or Bosch motor, Shimano gears, and Tektro brakes. Your local bike repair shop is more likely to be familiar with these components and  spare parts for replacement will be more widely available.


    If you're new to the electric bicycle world, it can take time to figure out where to begin but careful consideration can help you make a wise, educated decision. There are a lot of great models on the market today, and there's no reason to get stuck choosing the first e-bike you see. Be diligent in your decision, and make sure the e-bike you purchase checks most, if not all the boxes to suit your needs.

    At Demon Electric, we offer a wide selection of e-bikes for all types of riders. Whether you're looking for an e-bike for hunting, trail riding or for commuting to school or work, we have an e-bike that covers your needs. Explore our e-bike options or feel free to reach out to us for any questions about your next e-bike purchase.


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