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Best Electric Bike for Your Lifestyle: Tips and Tricks

As the world becomes more conscious of the environment, more people are leaving their cars behind and opting for electric bicycles. These bikes are not only eco-friendly, but they also offer a healthier mode of transportation. With so many options and features available in electric bikes, choosing the right one can become overwhelming. In this blog post, we will guide you through selecting the best electric bike for your lifestyle. We will cover everything you need to know, from the different types of electric bikes available to key features like the class, weight, motor power, and battery life, and finally, add-ons. Keep reading to discover how to make an informed buying decision that best fits your lifestyle.

How to choose an electric bicycle

Electric bicycles have become the fastest-growing segment of the bicycle industry. When choosing an e-bike, consider your specific needs and preferences, including style and price. There’s an e-bike available for almost any type of ride you want to take: cruising around the city, mountain biking, and commuting to work. E-bikes are popular for their ease of use and thrilling performance.

 Demon Electric Bikes

Tips for choosing the right e-bike include considering how you'll use it, testing different models, paying attention to battery life and motor power, and assessing the level of support you need. Other factors include the bike's weight, how comfortable it feels, and the quality of its components. Keep all these factors in mind and choose an e-bike that is best suited to your lifestyle and meets your requirements.

Electric mountain bikes

If you're looking for an electric bike that can handle off-road riding and steep climbs, an electric mountain bike may be just what you need. These bikes have mid-drive motors and lithium-ion batteries, with at least a 400 watt-hour capacity. An electric mountain bike with a mid-drive motor is equipped with a torque sensor which provides more power to the motor the harder you pedal, this provides a more authentic bike riding feel compared to hub drive e-bikes where the power of the motor is delivered from the rear wheel.

Outlaw, Mountain E-Bike

Electric cruiser bikes

When it comes to choosing the right electric bike for your lifestyle, there are several factors to consider. Electric cruiser bikes, for example, prioritize comfort and style. These bikes often feature plush seats and higher handlebars for a relaxed riding experience. They typically have rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, with larger battery capacity allowing for greater mileage between charges. The Demon Electric Davient Cruiser E-Bike owes its style to that of vintage motorcycles and cafe racers, ensure your riding in both comfort and style through your entire trip.

 Davient, Cruiser E-Bike

Ultimately, the best electric bike for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Think about how you plan to use your bike and what features are most important to you. With a little research and some careful consideration, you can find the perfect electric bike to fit your lifestyle.

Electric road/commuter bikes

When it comes to choosing the best electric bike for your lifestyle, it's important to consider your specific needs and preferences. Electric bikes use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which offer both low weight and high performance. For commuters and hybrid riders, electric bikes provide extra power so you can cut down on car trips.

If you plan to ride on rough terrain or off-road trails, consider an electric mountain bike or a fat tire electric bike. These bikes feature shocks and large knobby tires for added stability and durability. On the other hand, electric commuter bikes and cruisers are best suited for paved and smooth terrain.

 6ix, City Road E-Bike

The price of electric bikes generally increases with the battery capacity, which allows for longer mileage between charges. Consider all of these factors when choosing an electric bike that will fit your lifestyle and needs.

Electric folding bikes

When choosing an electric bike, it's important to consider your lifestyle and what type of terrain you will be riding on. For those who need to commute or have limited storage space, compact electric folding bikes are a great option. However, these bikes can be heavy to carry, so it's important to keep that in mind.

If you plan on riding on rough terrain, a full-suspension mountain bike may be the way to go. Electric bikes typically use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, with larger capacity batteries providing increased mileage.

 Rebel, Foldable E-Bike

Electric fat bikes

Electric fat bikes, with their large tires and ability to handle bumps and pot holes, excel in off-road conditions. Full-suspension electric mountain bikes provide even more control on difficult trails compared to other e-bikes. Additionally, electric fat bikes offer the ability to travel on streets, sidewalks, bike lanes, and can easily take on most types of road conditions including sand and snow.

 Thunderbolt, Fat Tire E-Bike

One excellent option to consider is the thunderbolt, which is a great compromise between low price and good performance. 

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When deciding on what electric bike to choose, consider the class of the bike. Generally, there are three classes for electric bikes: Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3. With Class 1 electric bikes, the motor assists while you are pedaling, while Class 2 bikes have a throttle that provides assistance up to 20 mph. Class 3 electric bikes are similar to Class 1 bikes, but with the speed limit extend to 28 mph.

The class you choose depends on your lifestyle and how you plan to use your electric bike. For instance, if you plan to use your electric bike for commuting or on hilly terrain, you might opt for a Class 3 bike which will provide more assistance. However, if you plan on using your electric bike more leisurely, then a Class 1 bike might be the best fit for you. By considering the class, you can ensure that you select the best electric bike that suits your needs and lifestyle.


When choosing an electric bike, you must consider the weight of the bike. Electric bikes have rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that vary in size and position, and they weigh between 5kg and 20kg due to the added weight of the motor and battery. Lighter electric bikes offer enhanced balance, handling, transportation, storage, efficiency, range, and safety, but they may not have enough power for steep hills or longer distances. Balancing weight and power is a trade-off when choosing an electric bike. Electric bikes are classified into three classes that denote the level of motor assistance, so it's essential to find one that suits your lifestyle and transportation needs. Keep all these factors in mind, and you'll be sure to find the best electric bike for your lifestyle!

Mid-Drive or Hub Motor

When selecting the right electric bike that suits your lifestyle, it is a must to consider the type of motor that the bike uses. There are two types of motors: mid-drive and hub-drive, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Generally, hub-drive motors are cheaper and require less maintenance, they produce a riding experience where the rear wheel propels you forward. On the other hand, mid-drive motors offer a more authentic bike riding experience thanks to the available torque sensor which adjusts the power output of the motor based on your pedalingm this also makes them a better option for hill climbing. They may be more costly but provide a more balanced ride. For those interested in electric mountain bikes, hub motors may not be the ideal option due to weight distribution and overheating. It's ultimately up to the individual's particular riding needs and preferences to select the perfect electric bike that aligns with one’s lifestyle.

Bafang Motor

Motor power

When selecting an electric bike, it is important to consider the motor power, which can range from 250 watts to over 1,000 watts- but the legal limit in the US is limited to 750 watts. Battery capacity is another factor to keep in mind. E-bikes with a higher battery capacity can run for longer distances between charges, but they come with an increased price tag. It's important to note that a 500-watt motor with a 500Wh battery will drain power more quickly than a 250-watt motor with the same battery capacity. The two main methods by which power is transferred from the drive system to the bike are pedal assist and throttle control. Most e-bike batteries require three to five hours to charge, but some e-bikes allow cyclists to use two batteries at once, which is super convenient for those longer rides. Taking into account these factors will help you select the perfect electric bike that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Battery Life

When looking to buy an electric bike, one of the primary factors to consider is the battery life. Larger capacity batteries can go longer distances between charges, increasing the convenience of using the bike. Understanding the different classes of electric bikes is important in determining the level of motor assistance needed. Although the cost to charge an electric bike is minimal, battery quality is important for reliability and safety when bringing batteries into your house.

Removable battery

More expensive electric bikes usually have larger battery capacity, resulting in increased mileage between charges. 


Electric bikes are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which are lightweight and quickly recharged. These batteries can be charged both on and off the bike using a regular wall socket. Electric bikes come with built-in lights powered by their batteries, which is an added convenience for night riders. The battery capacity of an e-bike determines the mileage it can achieve. Higher-end electric bikes come with larger batteries, which can cover more miles than lower-end bikes.


If you are looking for an electric bike, it is essential to purchase from a trustworthy seller who can guide you through the bike's features and battery specifications.

Quality of components

When selecting an electric bike, the quality of components should be one of your top considerations. Investing in name-brand components, like Shimano and Bafang, will ensure better performance and longevity. A higher grade of components leads to better and long lasting performance. It's vital to keep your e-bike components in good working order, so regular maintenance, including inspecting and cleaning them, along with proper battery care is crucial for ensuring your bike lives a longer life.

 Shimano gears

It's also essential to note that low-quality e-bike components can be frustrating to service and, at worst, unsafe. Therefore, choosing the right components when purchasing an electric bike is necessary for both performance and safety.

Runtime, power and range

Selecting the best electric bike for your lifestyle involves considering various factors, including runtime, power, and range. The battery capacity significantly affects the mileage you get between charges. If your daily commute is long, go for a bike with a 400 watt-hour or higher battery capacity. For downhill rides, you can consider a 250 watt battery, while steep uphill rides require 500 watts or more.


Terrain, riding style and battery capacity are directly proportional to the range of the bike. The range can vary depending on factors such as the type of motor and level of assist used. It's essential to check the expected range and power needs before buying an ebike to ensure it meets your daily needs. Some ebikes come with multiple batteries that can help increase your range. Therefore, you should factor in these variables while choosing the best electric bike suited for your lifestyle.

Warranty and Customer support

Before buying an electric bike, you should consider the warranty and customer support that comes with it. A warranty provides peace of mind and protects you against any defects or problems that may arise. Choose an electric bike that has great customer support in case you have any concerns or issues. Compare different models and warranties to find the best deal that works for your lifestyle.


Finally, if you plan on using your new electric bike in public, remember to register it with the manufacturer to make sure you comply with local rules and regulations..


When it comes to choosing an electric bike, add-ons can make all the difference. Larger battery capacity and hidden battery compartments can maximize the range, while bottle-cage batteries can be used as backup to increase the range. Pedal-assist features provide additional power with low to high settings, and some units even have a throttle. For electric mountain bikes, mid-drive motors and 400 watt-hour battery packs are typically the standard. Additionally, e-bike chargers are similar to laptop chargers and can be plugged into regular wall outlets. Take advantage of these add-ons when selecting the best electric bike for your lifestyle.

 Tektro brakes

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the differences between a pedal-assist and throttle electric bike?

The main differences between pedal-assist and throttle electric bikes are that pedal-assist bikes provide electric assistance when pedaling, with adjustable assistance levels, while throttle bikes can be propelled by an electric motor without pedaling.


Pedal-assist provides a more natural riding experience and smoother assistance, with controllers allowing for power level adjustments. On the other hand, throttle-based assistance can be harder to handle in challenging terrains like hills.

What is the maximum range for an electric bike and how can I extend it?

The maximum range for an electric bike varies depending on factors like weight, terrain, and assistance levels. In ideal conditions, some bikes can go up to 70km. However, range also depends on battery capacity, riding style, and assistance levels, with some bikes having multiple batteries.


Bigger batteries generally allow for farther distances, but it's important to realistically consider your daily riding distance and the price of the bike when choosing battery capacity. Additionally, charging can be done from any outlet, and some manufacturers may offer multiple battery options for a single model.

How can I maintain and care for my electric bike to maximize its lifespan?

Regular maintenance, including keeping your electric bike clean, lubricating its moving parts, and maintain proper tire pressure, is key to extending its lifespan.  Adjusting your riding style, such as using eco mode, can also help extend the lifespan of your battery.


Choosing the right electric bike for your lifestyle can be a challenging process, but it ultimately comes down to your individual preferences and needs. Some electric bikes, such as mountain bikes or commuter bikes, are designed for specific purposes, while others such as cruisers, folding bikes, or fat bikes are versatile for various terrains. Along with the right class, weight, motor power, battery life, quality of components and aftermarket add-ons, it's crucial to look for a bike that comes with a comprehensive warranty and customer support. We hope this blog helped you with the selection process. If you're interested to see the options of e-bikes available out there, you can browse our wide selection of E-Bikes by clicking the button below.

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